The Chains On Your Brain series at its inception was designed to cast an eye on the concept of mental limitation, or maybe better put--mental restrictions; self imposed or taught through life experiences. During our growth as beings, limits are formed in our psyche either through times of hurt and pain or simply through a process of being taught the “rules.” 
The original premise was that we have restrictions placed on ourselves that we don’t recognize. These limits exist only in our minds. At the same time we each have the key to unlock our thoughts and potentials. The gradual taking on of these “chains” allows us to not notice their ever-growing weight and restrictions on our potential. They methodically become a part of us. As this work progressed, I noticed the human element of the work evolving.
If you look at the work as I described it above you will notice the restrictions the chains seem to impose. However, if you look closer you will also see something else. As the models wore the chains they seem to evolve. In some instances the chains became a symbol of strength, as though being of a set mind brought about a sense of pride and strength. In some images the chains were embraced as if they provided a sense of comfort and warmth. In others they became almost like jewelry, telling the viewer to “Look at me. See how good my beliefs make me look. Everyone should aspire to have MY chains.”
In my seeing the chains as being limiting and restrictive as a premise, I noticed something. I was beginning to create some chains of my own. As human beings make their own life experiences, they find joy and comfort and an outlet for expression in many ways. They adapt to their environment sometimes with intent and others by default. Chains are as unique and individual as people. That’s what’s so great about chains. Once you see them -  acknowledge their existence. At that point you can embrace them or reject them. The power is in your hands. Each set of “chains on your brain” comes with a key. Keep our key in a safe place. You never know when you might want to use it.
 In doing so, may you find PEACE beyond all understanding.

In the immortal words of George Clinton,
“ Free your mind and your ass will follow.”  

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