Native Texan and self-taught artist, David Goff has honed his acquired skills and natural abilities to create work that is both reflective and emotionally provocative. Just as life itself has many chapters and requires adaption…so does his work. Goff masters a variety of mediums and styles that blend to communicate his vision. 

His use of acrylics on canvas and wood and burlap come together to convey his creative eye and provide a means of expression. The use of photography has been 10 years in the making.  He has taken his understanding of composition and lighting to create work which c, grabs your attention, holds interest and makes you think. 

In his figurative work and portraiture Goff draws upon life experiences and captures the sentiment of human condition in ways that connect emotionally. 

Goff’s abstract work challenges the imagination to take flight and reveals the complex simplicity created through his use of color and form. 

For  Goff, "Life is a journey for which I am constantly in search of the next lesson and next destination. My blessings and talents are God’s  gift to me.  Sharing my lessons and my work are my gifts of gratitude to  God."

This journey has lead David Goff to become a Life Coach and UI Mentor. In doing so he has shared his new found wisdom and skills the help others understand their power to break the chains that bind them. With his help they can discover their ability to change their beliefs and choose a more engaged life.

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